The people behind the scenes

 Troels Bay

CEO: Troels Bay 
Mail: Troels@Brandcuts.dk
Mobile: (0045) 2946 3041
Managing: Sales, Company strategy and Economics

Logistics Manager: Rikke Mariager
Mail: Rikke@Brandcuts.dk
Mobile: (0045) 5073 5931
Managing: Warehouse, Products and Company strategy

E-Commerce Manager: Theis Daarbak Bønsdorff
Mail: Theis@Brandcuts.dk
Mobile: (0045) 617 61 617
Managing: Online business, Sales strategy and marketing

missing - 180 Degrees Consulting

Sales Agent MDK-DK: Charlotte Bindesbøl
Mail: C.bindesboel@mail.dk
Mobile: (0045) 2819 3449
Managing: External sales for MDK Denmark

Sales Agent MDK-NO: Rune & Christina
Mail: shoetrading@brand-store.no
Mobile: (0047) 9777 5303
Managing: External sales for MDK Norway

missing - 180 Degrees Consulting

Sales Agent MDK-UK: Liv Foged
Mail: Liv@style-fuel.com
Mobile: +44 (0) 7531 421686
Managing: External sales for MDK UK, Ireland & Scotland

missing - 180 Degrees Consulting Marketplace Manager: External hire
Mail: Sales@brandcuts.dk
Managing: All E-Commerce marketplaces
missing - 180 Degrees Consulting

Young Worker: Julia Diget Sømark
Managing: Logistics assistant & Internal sales

Author E-Commerce: Emma Raaskou Frederiksen
Mail: Emma@brandcuts.dk
Managing: SEO+Product text and online tasks