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MDK-2275 Edinburgh Everyday Quilted Vest

MDK-2275 Edinburgh Everyday Quilted Vest

SKU: MDK-AW22-2275-BLACK-34

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This vest from MDK is a perfect style for every wardrobe. It is made with a short fit and quilted design, which adds to a detailed look. Furthermore, Edinburgh Everyday vest has a high neck and zipper closure. The material is a super soft and buttery leather with a small environmental footprint since it's an excess product from food and wool production. Choose one of the amazing colors and use the exclusive vest indoors or outdoors and style it just as you like.


Product Details

- Stylish design
- High-quality materials
- MDK branding
- Soft leather quality


100% Leather




Regular fit

Care Instructions

Do not wash. Do not tumble.

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