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Organic choice

Organic Choice T-shirt

Organic Choice T-shirt

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The collection is made from organic cotton and it is sustainable – it is GOTS certified like all our other clothes, so you can be absolutely sure that it is sustainable throughout the production process. So you get some clothes that take the environment into account, and they are also of really good quality.

In terms of design, our WWF collection has different animals embroidered on the chest, which both creates awareness about sustainability and taking care of nature, and is a nice little detail that gives the clothes more character. When you wear these clothes, you both look sharp and help spread the message of taking care of the planet.

Product Details

- Weight / thickness: 200 g/m2
- Organic Choice branding
- WWF collection branding
- Stylish design


100% GOTS certified cotton




Regular fit

Care Instructions

Machine wash 30 degrees. Tumble at low heat.

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